“Mystery Animal”: Woman Notices a Tiny Creature Asleep In The Woods

It was almost as tiny as a leaf

In Northern Virginia, a woman was taking her dog for a walk in the woods when she noticed that her dog was trying to communicate something to her. Upon closer inspection, the woman discovered a small animal, almost as tiny as a leaf, alone and sleeping on the forest floor. She was unsure of what to do and contacted FoxTales Wildlife Rehab to report her discovery.

The rehab center confirmed that the animal was an infant raccoon, and asked the woman if the baby had any injuries or was moving. The center’s rehabilitator, Elizabeth Negron, believed that the mother raccoon was likely in the area, so she advised the woman to place the baby in a warm box with blankets and wait to see if the mother would return.

Reuniting the baby with his mother was a top priority, and after several hours, the woman returned to find the box empty. She called Negron with the good news that the baby had been reunited with his mother.

Negron stated that it is always best to keep baby raccoons with their families, as they rely heavily on their siblings and mother during their development. The mother’s return was a relief, as it ensured that the baby would have the best chance of living a happy life in the wild.

The reunion was undoubtedly a joyous occasion for the baby and his mother, who were given a second chance to thrive together in their natural habitat.

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