Forester saved little foxes from under the porch of the house

Brad Gates has worked as a forester and an animal rescuer for 35 years. He understands the intricacies of the interaction of people and animals like no one else. Therefore, having received a call about foxes in a hole under the house, he immediately went to help. This is a trap, isn’t it? Wild animals shouldn’t be so close to people, especially the cubs. The rescuer filmed a video about his job.

Brad explained, that the furthest side of the house came close to the edge of the forest, and there was a large gap between the boards. Most probably, the fox wanted to find the deepest and the most remote part. As a result, the little foxes ended up under the porch. It’s dangerous both for them and for people. So Brad had a task to humanly take them out of there. Easy to say!

Not one or two…There were seven little foxes! And they were so tiny. Four weeks old at most. It’s clear, the foxes didn’t know the person and weren’t going to get in touch with him. Well, at least they didn’t run all over the empty space under the boards. As a result, all 7 cubs survived. They were put in an open box, so that the mother fox could take them from there. Great job!

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