here is the guy from Kinder-chocolate bars

He has become a part of everyone’s childhood memories

Probably everyone has seen his face at least once in their life. And there is a hardly anyone who doesn’t like this chocolate.

Meet Josh Bateson – the face of Kinder Chocolate! He has already turned 28.

His mother brought Josh to casting 15 years ago. The judges chose him as the face of the famous Kinder Chocolate. Very soon Josh became famous.

Currently, Josh runs an Instagram blog and has over 130K followers.

The man very often posts photos of himself holding the popular chocolate bars. His followers like that kind of photos.

Before Josh, Günter Euringer was the face of Kinder. However, the guy grew up and was not suitable for the chocolate bar’s advertising. He is now around 60 years old.

Josh is still famous and has lots of fans. He has specialized in politics and international relations. However, he doesn’t work with his profession. Currently he receives money for Instagram ads and posts. He advertises restaurants, shoes and a toothpaste.

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