“Mysterious Metal Monolith Discovered in Wales”: Hiker Stumbles Upon Strange Silver Monolith

A hiker from Wales found a strange metal structure while walking on Hay Bluff. The structure was about 10 feet tall and looked like it came from a UFO. It was made of shiny metal and seemed very sturdy despite the windy weather.

The hiker, Craig Muir, was surprised to see it because there were no tracks around it, and it didn’t look like it had been thrown there. He guessed that maybe a group of people brought it there using a helicopter.

A photographer named Richard Haynes also saw the structure and thought it was weird. He thought it might be for collecting rainwater but realized it was too tall for that. He said it was hollow and probably not too heavy for two people to carry and plant in the ground.

Nobody knows where the structure came from or who put it there. This is not the first time a mysterious structure like this has been found. Similar ones were found in England, Utah, Romania, and California in 2020.

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