Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Enjoyable Night Out with Friends and Lighthearted Revelations

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had a fun night out with friends in Santa Monica on Tuesday. The couple, who got married in 1988, were seen smiling in photos with Martin Short, Eugene Levy, and his wife Deborah Divine outside a restaurant. Wilson, 67, and Hanks, 67, were arm-in-arm, and Levy, 77, and Short, 73, were posing close by.

In 2018, Short and his “Only Murders in the Building” co-star Steve Martin joked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” about having “colonoscopy parties” with Hanks and friends every other year. Short mentioned they gather at Martin’s house the night before a colonoscopy appointment for what they call “Colonoscopy Eve.” They have a catered event with Jell-O, as they have to purge all day, and then they toast.

In December 2022, Wilson shared with PEOPLE that she scaled back her work when her kids were young to be present as a mom. She supported Hanks’ career, stating it wasn’t a sacrifice but a choice. Wilson emphasized their mutual support and mentioned that people used to ask her about being with someone famous, but she realized it was more about the questioners’ feelings than hers.

In 2019, Hanks told PEOPLE that he sees himself as part of a team, not an individual. He enjoys being part of a group and believes in making the experience positive for everyone, avoiding crankiness or self-centeredness.

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