“She lives in a basement”: Poor dog cannot understand why her owners left her

The sad truth is that her owner didn’t need her anymore

There are any cruel and heartless people in the world that are ready to abandon their pets on the streets without even thinking about the consecuences.

Meet Eva – our today’s heroine that was abandoned right in the grooming salon. The owner promised the poor pet to return, but she never did. No pets were allowed in the salon, so the staff had to keep her in the basement.

The dog started living in the salon basement and the staff was taking care of her. Luckily, the salon employees were all kind towards Eva, and they made sure she was taken proper care of. They provided Eva with everything she needed. But the dog had to stay in the basement all alone at nights, when everyone went home and the salon was closed.

It has already been 3 years that Eva is living in the salon basement. The workers have been trying to find a permanent home for Eva, but they haven’t succeeded yet.

Hopefully, someone will very soon notice Eva and decided to help her. She is a really sweet and friendly dog who only needs your love to be happy!

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