“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: What do you hate the most in your partner?

Optical illusions have the power to reveal your deepest thoughts and desires!

Nowadays, many artists become famous for creating optical illusion paintings that are closely related to human psychology. One of these artists is Oleg Shupliak. Today’s optical illusion test will reveal what you hate the most in your parnter.

The interpretation of the whole image doesn’t matter here. The msot important factor is what you notice first when you take a quick look at this painting. Let us know what you noticed first, and we will give you the interpretation of it.

Take a Look at The Painting Below! 

Scroll down to read all the possible explanations of the details depicted in this single painting!

If you first noticed the man’s face in profile, you hate it when your partner is being stubborn. You admire and respect the person for their confidence and attitude, but as soon as you notice them turn into a stubborn baby, you get disappointed. In fact, no one likes that. You like a person with a leader-type personality, but you also expect them to be able to accept their mistakes.

If the very first thing you noticed was the red curtain, you fin the dramatic tone of your partner quite annoying. You do not want to tell them about this straightforwardly, but as soon as they start acting all cheesy. you start disliking them. Peaceful and quiet personality is what you are looking for in a partner, as you do not like drama.

Did you spot the angry man first? This means you hate it when your partner is short-tempered. You need passion and patience in your partner. However, this passion might as well turn into anger, which is disappointing for you.

If you first noticed the man on his knees, you hate the neediness in your partner. You actually like it when your partner devotes most of his time to you, because this makes you feel special. But this might turn into neediness over time, and this makes you lose interest in the person. Sometimes you feel the need to tell your partner about this and ask for some space.

Now that you know what personality traits have negative effect on you, you can discuss it with your partner. This will help you solve some of your relationship problems. We hope this test was helpful!

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