“The newborn baby changed everything”: Everyone thought the dog was rude and unemotional until the birth of the baby

Now they are close friends and enjoy spending time together

This adorable and kind dog showed his real emotions after the birth of the family’s baby. He considers the baby his brother.

Mosley is a 4-year-old dog that used to have a really difficult life. He had to wander the streets in search of food and shelter. And one day a family found him and decided to adopt him.

The new lifestyle was really difficult for Mosley, and he was really depressed at first. This is why his owners thought Mosley didn’t like them, but they were wrong!

Still the family was patient and wanted to give him some more time to get used to his new surroundings. His response came very soon…

When Mosley’s owner got pregnant, Mosley became noticeably more attentive towards the woman and started taking care of her. It seemed the dog realized that the woman needed much more love and affection from everyone around her.

Mosley changed for the much better when the baby was born. He finally showed his real personality to everyone. Mosley turned out to be a very kind, loving and caring dog. A sweet bond immediately formed between the dog and the newborn baby.

Now they are close friends and enjoy spending time together.

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