“Optical Illusion or Ghost Ship?”: What do you see and why?

Find out why your eyes are deceiving you!

Is this a ghost ship flying or another trick of human brain? These photos have recently gone viral on the Interent, with people calling the ship paranormal.

Today we have something different to present to you. The photo is an optical illusion that deceives many people. Many people started spreading rumors about ghost ships floating around. However, the true reason behind this illusion has recently been explained.

Do you think this is a ghost ship?

This ship was noticed by a man in Cornwall, Southwest England. He was shocked by the sight and decided to take a picture of the ship, just to make sure it was real. The ship seems to not be on the water, but above it.

Here is another photo of the same phenomenon!

We call these photos optical illusions, but there is a natural explanation to this. This is a rare weather phenomenon that happens in the Arctic regions. In the second image, the boat is floating around an open ocean. In this case, the optical illusion is created due to the mirage effect.

Let’s find out why such optical illusions happen!

Our brains see things the way they are trained to see. This is our intelligence. We have trained our brains that ships should be floating on the surface of water. However, the mirage effect changes the usual image, and the reality varies from what our brains are used to seeing.

BBC News meteorologist David Braine has explained the levitating image was created by a simple geography and physics mix-up, which is called Superior Mirage. They happen due to temperature inversion where cold air lies close to the sea with warm air above it. The cold air is denser than warm air, so it bends the light towards the eyes of someone standing on the ground or on the coast, changing how a distant object appears.

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