Here’s The Vogue Fashion Columnist, Who Criticizes Melania Trump for Lack of Taste

“Does she really write for Vogue?”

The appearance and style of clothing of the first Lady of the United States Melania Trump is criticized by everyone: from “sofa critics” to fashion experts. Moreover, sometimes it seems that professionals in this field are specifically trying to find some errors in any ex-model outfit. However, often those same critics, to put it mildly, look ridiculous themselves.

Lynn Yaeger is a journalist and editor of one of the most famous publications in the fashion world – Vogue. She recently published an article about another “fail” of the ex-president’s wife. Lynn wrote that Melania, during a working trip to one of the states, wore unsuitable shoes along with the outfit.

The journalist noticed that high-heeled shoes with a narrowed snakeskin nose are more suitable for shopping or gatherings with friends than for an official trip.

Vogue readers became interested in what the woman who criticized Melania looks like. Yaeger, however, looks very shocking and even strange. Bright blush on the cheeks, black lipstick, an extraordinary haircut and a very specific taste in clothes. Lynn calls her own style of clothing the style of an old elf.

“And this urban lunatic dared to say something about Trump shoes!?”, “Seriously? Does she write for Vogue?”, “Is this circus clown a fashion expert?”, “Is it lipstick or a Hitler moustache?” – readers ask in surprise.

We also found on the Internet what the Yaeger shoe cabinet looks like. Readers especially liked the forked yellow shoes of the journalist.

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