This 80-year-old man’s bicycle was stolen. The Police bought him a new one.

Ken Cody, a field training officer from Cape Coral, Florida, and trainee officer Guang Song were praised after they bought a “brand new” bike for Robert. The latter informed that someone had stolen his bicycle at the supermarket “Winn-Dixie”.

The policemen didn’t want 80-year-old Robert to lose his only means of transport. Therefore, they went to the local Walmart and bought him a new bicycle.

“Is this a new one?”, asked Robert happily, before even testing it.

The officers helped Robert adjust the seat, showed him the features of the bike and gave him a new lock with a key to ensure that he would not be robbed ever again.

“We are still investigating the case to find out who stole your bicycle”, said the officer.

“I understand, that such things take time”, replied the man.

When the officers were leaving, the elderly man, having gone through a lot of difficulties in his lifetime, said:

“You guys, are the best in the world. I’m about to cry. God bless you!”

On Monday, the Cape Coral Police Department posted about this on their Facebook page. And as of Wednesday, the post gained more than 13,000 views.

The Police said, they were still looking for the thief.

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