“Tried to save the baby”: Dad wanted to have fun with his son in the pool, but dog found it dangerous (video)

This dog deserves all the best in the world!

Many people think Rottweilers are dangerous dogs and avoid keeping them as pets. But in fact, they are very loyal and caring animals if treated right.

This funny story will convince you of it!

Rottweilers are devoted to their owners and will protect thema t any costs. They are also able to develop a strong bond with children.

When this video appeared on the Internet for the first time, it attracted millions of people all over the world an quickly went viral. The reason is obvious!

This dad wanted to have some fun with his son in the pool. But his Rottweiler found it dangerous for the little boy. He immediately jumped into the water to save him.

At first he “kissed” the baby to make sure that the baby was fine. Then he grabbed the man’s hand and tried to take them to safety.

Rottweiler lifeguard

This pet adores his family and it makes us really happy! He deserves all the best in the world!

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