“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: What is your biggest weakness as a partner?

This will help you deal with your relationship better!

Optical illusions are wonderful psychological phenomena that reveal who you actually are. Some tests are so interesting that we can’t stop admiring them. Today’s we have prepared a beautiful art as a personality test.

Do you know what your biggest weakness is as a partner? Sometimes, it is offensive to find out about your own flaws, but it will surely help you in a relationship. Any information changes any situation.

Look at the painting below and tell us what you saw first!

Scroll down to read the analysis of your answer!

Hopefully, you know exactly what you saw first.

Peaceful Face

If the peaceful face was the very first thing you noticed in this painting, it means that you like to take control of your relationship. You are smart and always think a few steps ahead. You can easily analyse any situation, guess how people think, then you plan your next steps accordingly.

You always want peace in your life, and you are able to find peace in chaos. This helps you reduce stress. You can make life better for yourself and your beloved people by removing stress from their lives. However, you constantly face ups and downs in your relationships. This prevents you from predicting your partner’s behavior. Over time you quit controling your romantic relationships. You need to change your attitude and have faith in your partner.

Man’s Face

The man’s face shows that you try to avoid social interactions. It is mych more comfortable for you to observe people from a distance. The main reason is that you are afraid of rejection and you are a shy person. If you want a healthy relationship filled with love you need to be more welcoming. Show more compassion and kindness, especially when people approach you themselves. If you want a lasting relation ship, you just need to step out of your comfort zone.

Flying Birds

If you first noticed the birds in the sky, you are an impractical daydreamer. You are absent-minded and it is easy to distract you. You spent most of your time on daydreaming, and these dreams take you secret places and help you pursue greatness. You can turn any dull and ordinary situation into a safe and wonderful one.

The mother and the child

This reveals that you rely too much on the opinions of your family members. Your family is your priority and take an important place in your heart. Your relationship with your family has a huge impact on all other aspects of your life. It is good to take into account their opinions and advice, but everything has limits. You need to analyse their opinions regarding your romantic relationships before making a final decision. The weight of your family’s opinion should never crumble your relationship. Accept the feedback of your family openly, but work on your relationship independently.

 The person picking fruit

You are ambitious, especially about your career. You have been ambitious since your childhood. However, over time you have become more realistic about life and your career goals have changed. You aim to achieve the best in your career through your hard work and performance. This does not mean you give less attention to your partner and the romantic relationship in general. You need to balance your personal and professional lives. You use the same determination to improve your relationship. Your partner becomes your greatest support when they realize how much you value them. Remember, that your relationship is as important as your career.

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