“He believes he is also a dog”: Family adopted a raccoon, and now he lives with two dogs

The amount of love animals carry is just amazing!

The animal world is is really wonderful and interesting. It’s just amazing how much love and care they have, and it’s even more wonderful to see how they share this love with other species. Representatives of two completely different species can develop an incredibly strong bond between each other. This bond and friendship is just out of this world!

The main characters of this story are two adorable dogs and a raccoon. People who follow the life of these friends on social media are especially amazed by their bond. Puma, the raccoon, was in a shelter, when a couple decided to adopt her. They were happy to welcome the animal into their family, showing her proper care and love.

Will and Mia are Puma’s owners. They took proper care of the raccoon and she very soon made a full recovery. The couple also welcomed two lovely dogs into their small but cozy family.

The dogs instantly made friends with Puma. Puma thought the dogs were her parents. The two dogs adore the raccoon and accept her as one of them. The couple loves all three of their pets and make sure they provide them with everything they need and want.

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