“Optical Illusion”: Can you spot the bear hidden in this picture?

Take a better look at the image and find the bear!

Today’s optical illusion challenge will leave your brain scrambled. Although the picture confuses you, you will still enjoy the test. Take a close look at the picture and let us know if you managed to find it!

Let’s start!

This beautiful painting depicts a hunter in the snowy forest, probably hunting the bear that is hiding from all of us. We are here to help the hunter find the animal.

Were you able to find it? If not, don’t worry, we have the answer. Scroll down to find out where the bear was hiding the whole time!

Optical Illusion Challenge: Answer!

Here is our hidden friend!

Some users mistook the upside-down bear for tree branches, and some thought that it was part of a cliff that was not covered with snow.

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