Two adorable dogs managed to save horses at night

If you want a guard dog, you’d better get a Rottweiler!

Rottweilers are famous watchdogs. In the past, these dogs were used to protect herds. During the times of the Roman Empire, Rottweiler dogs were also considered guard dogs, when people carried gold or other precious materials. And nowadays Rottweilers are guard dogs.

Their instincts are incredible developed. Therefore, they are usually the first to sense the danger. If you need a guard dog, you’d better get a Rottweiler.

Brenna Kramer is a huge animal lover from Zephyrhills, Florida. She has 2 horses and 2 Rottweiler dogs. The woman has trained her dogs to protect the horses and themselves. Brenna loves all her animals equally. However, she could never imagine, that her dogs would manage to save the lives of her horses.

Something unexpected happened one evening. She was sleeping in her room, when the Rottweilers started barking loudly. Brenna woke and immediately and realized there was something terrible happening outside.

She went out to figure out what was happening. She entered the stable to check on her horses, but somehow there was no power. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes! She found one of her horses with a rope around its neck. She realized someone had been trying to stole the horses. However, the savage dogs were much faster. One of the Rottweilers received a puncture scar on his head while attempting to save the horses. In the end, the heroic dogs saved the lives of the horses.

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