“Cat protects his owner”: Snake entered the house and hid in shopping bags

“frdeI didn’t know where its head was, so it was difficult to catch it”

Ricky Owens got home from shopping and left all the goods next to the refrigerator. The man also left the front door of house open and went out. Soon he came back and met his cat Gordon circling the chair. The cat was growling, he threw talons at the shopping bags and backed away all at once.

Ricky couldn’t understand why the cat was acting so weird, so he just left the hosue again. When he came back, he saw his cat hissing at the bags. Ricky moved the bag a little and noticed a tiger serpent there. It was only a few feet far from them.

The tiger serpent is one of Australia’s most deadly snakes. The serpant immediately fled under the refrigerator, and Ricky had to somehow catch the snake.

“I could only see a small part of the snake’s tail. I didn’t know where its head was, so it was difficult to catch it.

The man risked catching the snake from its tail. He quickly thre it over the garden fence.

This incident taught Ricky to always pay attention to all of the misdeeds of his cat and keep the front door shut.

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