“Kittens that look like dairy cows”: These cute kittens became popular thanks to their unusual appearance

They were adopted together and will never be separated

Two kittens with long silky hair and black-and-white fur appeared in a shelter. The shelter staff named them Bessy and Angus, just because they looked like dairy cows. People were amazed by their amazing appearance.

But thier appearance is not the only spectacular thing about them. These cuties also have adorable characters.

Bessy moves like a model and looks more adorable when she sits on the window sill in the sun. Their photos are so adorable and magical that they seem fake.

When their cloud-like fur gets wet, is become obvious how small they actually are. They both like to dry in the sun.

Bessy is also very active and cute.

Bessy and Angus are going to have sterilization surgery, and only after that they will be put for adoption.

The surgery is vital for their health, and even after that they will continue to be frequently examined.

Their favorite place is the colorful trolley. They look like human babies when they are put there to play. And evena fter returning home, Bessy keeps playing and seems to never run out of energy.

They have been recently adopted by the same person, because she didn’t want to separate the sweet duo.

We hope they are happy in their new family and will very soon get used to their surroundings.

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