“Cats are also smart and caring pets”: Mother cat saved her kittens asking for help

She did her best to provide her kittens with food and protect them.

Here is a story about a smart and caring mother cat who saved her kittens with her right actions. All thanks to the people who helped her. Every mother, no matter it’s an animal or a human, does everything to protect her child. And this story proves this!

The story took place in Australia.

A stranger noticed these lovely cat family on the side of the road. The man immediately contacted a rescue center. When the group arrived, the mother cat welcomed them and led them to her kittens. The mother was really thin and exhausted, but she did her best to provide her kittens with food and protect them.

All of the kittens were in need of immediate help and attention. And when they arrived at the shelter, it turned out that they were starving. Moreover, the vets found out that the kittens had no eyelids. This would make them blind if not treated properly.

The shelter volunteers washed them and gave them comfortable beds to sleep. After receiving proper care, the mother cat was already able to feed her kittens. The shelter staff named the mother cat Elodie. The kittens needed more time to recover, but at least their mother was sure they were in safe hands.

This smart mother literally saved her kittens!

We are glad that the cat family is safe and will have a bright future.

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