“Incredible transformation”: Tigre that was rescued from the circus (video)

She was forced to perform for audiences

Aasha is the name of a tiger who was rescued by Vicky Keahey, the founder of In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Texas.

When she was found, Aasha was only nine months old, but looked like she was only three months old due to the inhumane treatment she had suffered at a circus where she was forced to perform for audiences. The neglectful care and mistreatment caused her to become sick and miserable.

Fortunately, Aasha was saved from this terrible situation and brought to the sanctuary where she was given the proper care and attention she needed. Vicky worked tirelessly to make sure that Aasha received the best care possible, and after several months of hard work and dedication, the tiger began to look completely different.

Aasha’s transformation was truly remarkable. She became healthy, strong, and completely unrecognizable from the sickly tiger that was first rescued. She now lives happily in the sanctuary, enjoying her life with other tigers. It’s amazing to see what a difference a little kindness and proper care can make in an animal’s life.

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