“Heartwarming Bond”: 20-year-old dog made friends with a stuffed toy

Their bond is unbreakable

The bond between the stuffed toy and Tessa, the elderly dog, is unbreakable. Despite her age, Tessa loves to have fun and play with her favorite plush banana toy.

She still takes her job of protecting her family seriously and never lets go of her beloved toy. The two have been inseparable since Tessa was first introduced to the toy. According to her owner, Tessa loves the banana more than any other toy and refuses to swap it for anything else.

Whenever guests visit, the owner proudly shows off Tessa’s beloved toy to bring a smile to their faces. Tessa places the banana on the bed and waits for people to notice it, while showering it with kisses.

The owner even asks guests to acknowledge the toy, so Tessa feels comfortable and relaxed. Despite being 20 years old, Tessa’s playful and loving spirit is still that of a puppy.

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