“An Emotional Reunion”: Stray Cat Found Near Home Reunites With Owner

The cat had been missing for around 11 years

A stray cat was discovered in a pitiful condition near Carol O’Connell’s home, and the poor animal was so scared that it would not let him approach. The feline continued to appear every day, but would run away whenever Carol tried to get near. It took three long years for the man to gain the cat’s trust.

Eventually, Carol decided to take the animal to the vet to check if it had a microchip. The medical examination revealed that the cat did not have any serious health issues. The vet staff were able to trace the cat’s owner, Maggie Welz, thanks to the microchip. Astonishingly, the feline had been missing for more than 11 years.

Maggie was ecstatic to learn that her beloved pet was found, and their reunion was nothing short of heartwarming. The touching moment was a long-awaited and emotional one for both the owner and her cat.

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