“Their rescue was a miracle!”: Four puppies were rescued trapped in a container

The puppies were incredibly lucky to be saved!

Annie Hart was on a bus when she noticed a homeless man carrying 4 puppies locked inside a tupperware container. In a desperate attempt to stop the bus and save the puppies from suffocation, Annie paid the man some money for the puppies.

The newborn puppies were immediately taken to a vet clinic and are now on the mend. Soon they will be put for adoption.

Annie Hart runs an animal rescue foundation called the Bill Foundation. Later that night she received a call from Samantha Haas, who is also an animal rights activist. She informed Hart that she had also noticed the homeless man with the puppies. She had also tried to persuade the man to hand over the dogs, but the man had refused and escaped.

The puppies were incredibly lucky to be saved. Annie was probably their last hope and she managed to save them.

The puppies are now being taken proper care of and will soon be put for adoption. Hopefully, they will find loving and caring owners and will never face such terrible fate again!

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