“Sleeping beauty”: The Therapy Dog that brings joy and comfort to all

He decided to take a nap during the most important event

Meet Brody, an adorable therapy dog who brings comfort and joy to everyone he encounters. We’ve all experienced the feeling of dozing off at work or in class after a long and tiring day, only to be awakened by a friend or colleague. However, imagine falling asleep right in the middle of a ceremony organized in your honor. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Brody, the K-9 comfort dog, during his swearing-in ceremony in Rhode Island.

Brody, who wakes up early for his important events, couldn’t resist the urge to take a nap despite the excitement surrounding the occasion. His owner described him as a pup who plays hard and sleeps even harder. It’s clear that sleep is something Brody takes very seriously.

The ceremony captured a hilarious moment when Brody found a cozy spot on a desk and peacefully dozed off, leaving the officers to proceed with the ceremony without him. Despite the comical incident, Brody has become an esteemed member of the Bristol Police Department.

Before deciding to bring Brody on board, the department had contemplated various options, including bomb-sniffing or narcotics dogs. However, Officer Mederios had a different vision in mind. He proposed the idea of a therapy dog, knowing that Brody’s presence would have a more profound impact. The arrival of Brody became a heartwarming Christmas gift for the team.

Brody joined the department in 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Initially, there were concerns about how he would adapt to his new surroundings. However, Brody quickly settled in and proved to be an invaluable asset to the team.

Officer Mederios shared that Brody has a remarkable ability to uplift people’s spirits and alleviate stress, particularly in the high-pressure field of law enforcement. Merely seeing Brody prompts individuals to reach out and offer affectionate gestures such as petting or hugging him, which is incredibly endearing.

Brody’s primary responsibilities include visiting schools and nursing homes, where his presence brings comfort and companionship to those in need. Additionally, he assists officers in comforting victims of crime, an essential role considering the immense challenges people face in their daily lives.

Although Brody may have slept through his own ceremony, he is highly attentive and obedient when it comes to his work. The officers are immensely grateful to have him as part of their team, knowing that his unwavering companionship and support make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve.

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