“Personality Test”: What the shape of your jawline tells about you according to experts

According to Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face,” your jawline can reveal aspects of your personality and traits. She draws from a 3,000-year-old practice of face reading, suggesting that our facial features are linked to who we are. In today’s age of social media, the trend of jawline exercises for a well-defined jawline has become popular, influenced by the notion that a chiseled jawline represents a beauty ideal. But let’s delve into the psychology behind this concept and explore the personality traits associated with different jawline shapes.

In the realm of face reading, the jawline is believed to reflect qualities like determination, willpower, strength, character, endurance, and flexibility. Through a simple jawline personality test, we can supposedly uncover hidden traits.

#1 Strong Jawline Personality 

If you possess a strong jawline, it is thought that you exude qualities of strength, power, and determination. Individuals with a defined jawline are often seen as confident, assertive, and ambitious. Decisiveness comes naturally to you, and you’re comfortable taking charge. Tackling significant projects and exceeding expectations isn’t intimidating; it’s invigorating. Your ambition and drive push you to set audacious goals, which you consistently achieve. Your forward-thinking mentality keeps you focused on “what’s next,” and you’re unafraid of hard work to attain your aspirations.

Confidence and self-assuredness are your trademarks, accompanied by a commanding presence. Advocating for yourself doesn’t faze you; you’re comfortable standing up for your beliefs. Your assertiveness goes hand-in-hand with a leadership aura, often inspiring and motivating others. Risk-taking is part of your DNA, and resilience defines your ability to rebound from challenges. Past hardships have only fortified your spirit, allowing you to emerge stronger.

On the flip side, your perceptiveness can sometimes manifest as being judgmental and critical. Swift assessments are a consequence of your intuitive nature. While your opinions may be sharp, they’re driven by your ability to gauge people and situations. This intuitive insight might make you inflexible or stubborn, sticking to your viewpoints even when confronted with new information.

Key Personality Traits: Intuitive, perceptive, self-assured, assertive, risk-taker, ambitious, resilient, strong presence, inspirational, sometimes critical and stubborn.

Career Prospects: Modeling, acting, TV presenting, business, law, teaching, politics, etc.

A strong jawline can be a significant asset in careers that thrive on charisma and authority. It’s especially alluring in the fields of modeling, acting, TV presenting, and commercials, where a strong jawline communicates strength, confidence, and fitness. In the realm of high fashion and runway shows, models with well-defined jawlines often find themselves in high demand. For actors, a sharp jawline can enhance the perception of power and vigor, which complements certain roles. In television, presenters with this feature radiate professionalism and command, enhancing their suitability for specific shows. However, the opportunities are not restricted; individuals with prominent jawlines can excel in business, law, teaching, politics, and various other domains. Overall, a strong jawline enhances your visual appeal, projecting authority, power, and presence.

#2 Weak Jawline Personality 

A weaker jawline is thought to be associated with personality traits such as gentleness, kindness, empathy, and understanding. People with this feature tend to view situations from others’ perspectives and offer support readily. They often prioritize the needs of others before their own and possess a deep grasp of human emotions. These qualities make them excellent listeners and empathetic friends. Despite this, their gentle demeanor can sometimes lead others to perceive them as weak and exploit their kindness. Vulnerability and sensitivity are common traits, and they readily share their emotions with others.

A tendency toward submission and modesty characterizes individuals with a weaker jawline. They exhibit flexibility and are inclined to follow others’ opinions or advice. Decision-making can be challenging for them as they may be swayed by their emotions. This makes them susceptible to manipulation and influence. Preferring to avoid independent business pursuits, they shine in diplomatic and cooperative conflict resolution, shying away from confrontations and the spotlight.

Creativity and imagination are strong suits, often manifesting in innovative thinking and unconventional ideas. These traits suit careers in the arts and other creative fields. Passion and drive fuel their pursuit of dreams and goals, although an inclination toward excessive caution can hinder them from taking risks and seizing opportunities. Balancing prudence with decisiveness and establishing boundaries are areas for growth.

Key Personality Traits: Gentle, kind, empathetic, creative, imaginative, submissive, indecisive, conflict-resolver, cautious, avoids confrontations.

Career options: Writing, painting, art, science, counseling, programming, medicine, law, business, entrepreneurship, etc.

A less pronounced jawline does not impede success in fields that value skills over physical appearance. Various roles appreciate qualities beyond outward features. Artists flourish based on creativity and talent. Lawyers’ prowess lies in intellect and persuasive abilities. Entrepreneurs’ success hinges on creativity, risk-taking, and translating ideas into reality. Scientists are lauded for intelligence and problem-solving. Counselors are valued for empathy and aiding others. Programmers thrive on technical prowess and problem-solving. Doctors are revered for knowledge and healing skills. Businesspeople excel through intelligence, drive, and financial acumen. In essence, a weaker jawline does not preclude triumph in a diverse array of professions, where inner attributes take precedence.

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