Retired Couple’s Small Eco-Friendly Home Includes a ‘Reverse Loft’

Buddy and Barb are a retired couple from British Columbia who care a lot about the environment. They used to run an eco-friendly place in their community. They even took a road trip across the country in an electric car with no waste in 2017. Now that they’re retired, they live in a small, custom-built home that doesn’t make a lot of waste.

They wanted to build a tiny home that’s good for the environment. But it was hard because the rules said they had to use new stuff. They tried to use old stuff as much as possible and make the home use less energy and water.

Their tiny home was made by a company called Hummingbird Microhomes. It’s about 10 feet by 30 feet and can be towed on the road. They have a rooftop deck that makes the home feel bigger. Inside, there’s a kitchen and living room.

They have open shelves instead of big cabinets and a small fridge. They have a compost bucket built into the counter and a machine that turns food waste into compost.

In the living room, there’s a bench that turns into a bed and another bed with a TV on top of a wood stove. There’s also a hidden mini-bar. Underneath is a storage room with a freezer.

Their bedroom doesn’t have a loft. It’s cozy and has two windows. Above the bedroom is the bathroom with a shower and a special toilet that saves water by using sink water to flush.

Their home is designed to use less water and energy and to reuse old stuff. They don’t aim for zero waste, but they try to do things in a good way. Barb thinks tiny homes are good for old people too.

They can live close to family but still have their own space. Tiny homes are also good for young people because they’re cheaper.

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