The Internet-Famous Pomeranian with Snowy Fur

Pets are awesome! They can be like our best pals, cheerleaders, and even our guides. Let me tell you about a Pomeranian dog named Snowball. Snowball found a loving home with Yhohan Kim in South Korea. Little did Yhohan know that Snowball would become a big hit on the internet!

Pomeranian dogs are famous for being super loyal and always looking out for their owners. In a picture, you can see that Snowball is even tinier than Yhohan’s shoe.

There’s another photo of Snowball running towards Yhohan. Snowball got his name because he has soft, white fur that looks like a snowball.

Pomeranian puppies usually have two important qualities: they walk with confidence, and they have a proud and confident look.

Snowball, the cute Pomeranian, loved being the center of attention.

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