“Seek and find puzzle”: Find the Mistake in the Picture in 5 Seconds

“Seek and find puzzles are quite popular online. The goal in these puzzles is to find a hidden object in a picture.

Solving these puzzles can be good for your brain. It makes you use your eyes and brain to find things. Research even says that doing puzzles can help your brain stay sharp as you get older.

If you want to test how well you can see things, try this challenge!

Find the Mistake in the Picture in 5 Seconds

In the picture, you’ll see a breakfast table. A mom is giving milk to three kids. There’s also a cat hoping for some milk. But, there’s a mistake in the picture, and you have to find it in 5 seconds.

If you pay attention to details, you can find the mistake quickly.

Ready for the challenge?

Find the Mistake in the Picture: Solution

For those who couldn’t find the mistake in time, here’s the answer:

The mistake is that there’s no milk in the jug, even though it looks like the mom is pouring milk into the glass.”

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