“Brain Teaser Optical Illusion”: Spot the ghost in 6 seconds

Brain teasers are like puzzles or riddles that need smart thinking to solve them. You usually have to figure things out by looking at clues in a picture or using your observation skills to find hidden words, objects, or numbers.

These brain teasers are great for making your brain work and getting better at thinking. So, here’s another one for you to try. Ready?

Spot the ghost in 6 seconds 

Look at the picture. It shows a fancy room with people wearing nice clothes. But here’s the tricky part: there’s a ghost among them! The ghost looks just like the other people, so you have to find it. You’ve got 6 seconds to do it.

We’ll show you the answer at the end, but please don’t cheat. Try to solve it on your own first.

Brain Teaser Solution

In this brain puzzle, you need to find the hidden ghost in the fancy room. Here it is:

Hope you had fun solving it!

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