“Optical Illusion Vision Challenge”: Find 10 Flutes in 17 Seconds

Optical illusions are tricky pictures that make our brains work hard to understand them. These pictures can help us learn how our brains process what we see.

Doing these challenges regularly can make our brains smarter and stop them from getting weaker as we get older. Looking at these pictures can also make us feel more relaxed and less stressed or worried.

Find 10 Flutes in 17 Seconds

The picture shows Krishna playing his flute under a tree. In this picture, there are 10 flutes hidden, and you have 17 seconds to find them.

If you look really closely at the picture, you’ll see the hidden flutes. Some are easy to find, while others might be a bit tricky.

If you couldn’t find all the flutes, keep scrolling to see where they are. They are marked with red circles to help you find them easily.

Find 10 Flutes in 17 Seconds: Solution

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