“Brain Teaser”: Spot who is odd in the restaurant picture!

This fun puzzle tests your smarts by making you figure out who’s the odd one out in a restaurant picture. You’ll need to use your thinking skills to solve it because the answer isn’t obvious.

Spot who is the Alien inside the Restaurant Picture!

Let’s break it down: In the picture, there are two tables in a restaurant with four people eating. Your job is to find the person who doesn’t quite fit in.

Take a good look at the picture before answering.

Remember, the solution is provided below the question, so don’t peek too soon!

Did you spot the odd person in 5 seconds?

In the front table, two people are eating. At the other table, there’s a woman enjoying a cupcake and coffee, and a man eating a banana. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice that the man is eating the banana in a very strange way, like he’s never seen one before.

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