“I wasn’t even thinking about anything else”: Teenager jumps into river to save 3 girls and a poIice officer from drowning

If the boy was not around, everything would have ended tragically!

A 16-year-old teenager from Mississippi became a local hero after risking his own life to rescue 4 people from drowning, including a police officer.

Corion Evans, the teenager, witnessed a car driving straight into the Pascagoula River in Moss Point, Mississippi. The vehicle was already 20 feet far from the shore when it started sinking. There were 3 teenage girls and a police officer trapped in the water.

Later it was revealed that the driver was following the GPS and didn’t realize she was driving straight to the water. Fortunately, Corion was around and witnessed the whole thing. He took off his shirt and shoes before jumping into the water.

The boy is a student of Pascagoula High School. “I just started helping them out. I wasn’t even thinking about anything else!”, said the brave teenager. It was also reported that one of Corion’s friends also followed his friend and got into the water to help the passengers.

In fact, Moss Point Police Officer Gary Mercer was the first to react to the car accident. However, while bringing one of the girls to the shore, the girl panicked and dragged him under the water causing him to swallow some water. The three teenage girls and Officer Gary Mercer were immediately taken to hospital.

Corion’s mother, Marquita Evans, told the press: “I am glad nothing happened to my son while he was saving other people’s lives. I am proud of him, because he was not thinking only about himself at that moment.

Corion has been swimming since the age of 3. “It was a lot of swimming and my legs were really tired after that. I wasn’t thinking about it though”.

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