“Heidi Klum Once Again Defends Her Title as the ‘Queen of Halloween’

Heidi Klum once again upheld her title as the “Queen of Halloween.” The traditional Heidiween party took place in New York, and the model shared photos on her Instagram.

Klum organizes an annual Halloween party for her celebrity friends, and this year’s guest list included Tom and Bill Kaulitz, Leni Klum, Maye Musk, Taylor Lautner, and others.

Heidi Klum chose to dress up as a peacock. She was assisted in recreating the costume on the red carpet by ten gymnasts. The 50-year-old model’s outfit consisted of a blue velvet suit and a mask with a bird’s head.

Her 34-year-old spouse, Tom Kaulitz, supported his wife’s attire by appearing in the costume of a giant egg.

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