Irina Shayk Seems Unable to Forget Tom Brady Even After Their Breakup

Rumors about the romance between Irina Shayk and Tom Brady began circulating in the press in July 2023. While the love affair wasn’t officially confirmed, paparazzi took matters into their own hands. Initially, photographers caught the model leaving her new boyfriend’s house after a night spent together. A few weeks later, the couple secluded themselves in a London hotel room for a two-day getaway.

After three months of such rendezvous, news emerged of the abrupt end to this tumultuous and promising romance. The reason seemed quite mundane: Irina and Tom allegedly couldn’t align their busy schedules to embark on a genuinely serious relationship.

However, the disappointment for fans of the couple, who had already bid farewell to the dream of seeing the model and the American football star on the red carpet together, was short-lived. Just two weeks after the presumed breakup, our compatriot was spotted heading to the New York apartment of the 46-year-old Brady.

This happened literally hours after Irina’s interview with the American magazine ELLE, where she responded to questions about her relationship with the athlete with a mysterious smile, saying, “No comments.”

It can be confidently said that Irina was heading to Tom’s apartment not to retrieve items left behind from a previous visit. Judging by her choice of a black leather coat and thigh-high boots for the meeting, Irina had a specific and concrete goal: to rekindle the flame in her relationship with Brady.

“Irina is trying to win Tom back, but it might be too late,” say sources close to the couple. And there are substantial reasons for that.

According to insiders, Shayk attempted to play a double game: her romance with Tom was a way to once again provoke jealousy in her ex-lover Bradley Cooper. By flirting with the father of her 6-year-old daughter Lea, she also had a specific goal – to make the athlete more decisive and actively pursue her.

“Irina tried to pit Tom and Bradley against each other, but in the end, she lost both,” an anonymous source told Radar Online.

The obvious reference is to the romance between the 48-year-old Cooper and the 28-year-old model Gigi Hadid. Rumor has it that Shayk herself acted as the matchmaker, completely unaware that the actor would develop such strong feelings for the blonde.

“Irina is unhappy that Bradley is dating another top model, especially one who is younger. She didn’t expect this turn of events.”

Realizing that her plan didn’t work, the star likely understood that she missed out on the perfect candidate for her companion. Firstly, he is also a parent – the footballer is raising 10-year-old Vivian and 13-year-old Benjamin from Gisele Bündchen and 16-year-old John from Bridget Moynahan. Secondly, despite his recent divorce, he is inclined towards serious relationships.

Nevertheless, Irina herself is an enviable bride by all standards.

Making predictions about the couple’s reunion, let alone expecting their joint appearances, is premature. However, there is no doubt about Shayk’s determination: if she genuinely set the goal of winning Tom back, it’s only a matter of time.

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