Famous mustachioed cat!: Cat became famous for his funny mustache

His appearance is just as unique as his personality

Meet Gringo! He is a British Shorthair cat from France. The cat lives with his owners Sabrine and Romain and his brother Milko. Gringo used to have an Instagram account with over 60K followers. However, his account was hacked and now he is trying to reach the same amount of followers with his new account. Currently he has 12K followers.

“Gringo has a great personality. He is a friendly, energetic and just a happy cat. Gringo enjoys playing with everyone all day long and even at nights. Sometimes he gets up to mischief, scratches the couch, jumps on the plants and on the curtain”, told Sabrine.

“Gringo likes to stand on his hinder paws, just like a meerkat. It’s hilarious to watch him stay in that position for a few minutes. He often sniffs the plants to figure out whether they are edible or not, and sometimes we find him chewing our kitchen sponge. That is why we need to hide some things from him”.

Gringo’s appearance is just as unique as his personality.

Before getting Gringo, Sabrine and her husband already had a cat named Milko. But they had always dreamt of having a second one. And one day they came across Gringo’s adorable muzzle on a French Facebook page for cats. They immediately fell in love with him and decided to adopt.

Gringo was just 3 months old when he joined this family. Thanks to his sweet and friendly nature, Gringo very quickly made friends with Milko. Now the two cats are inseparable friends.

Here are some cute photos of this lovely cat!

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