Mr. Build It: Transforming Homes with DIY Expertise

Want to make your home better? Watch Mr. Build It on At Home With Family Handyman.

When Alex Mazhukhin bought an old house in 2015, he knew he’d have to do some DIY. But he didn’t expect it would lead to him being on a TV show!

“It’s really cool,” says Mazhukhin. “It all began with fixing up our home for our family. And now it’s turned into a show!”

Mr. Build It is a new show on At Home With Family Handyman. It follows Alex and his wife Irina as they do DIY projects.

They’ll show you how to improve your home, like upgrading the kitchen or demolishing a fireplace.

Who Is Mr. Build It?

Alex got the name “Mr. Build It” from his YouTube channel.

When he fixed up his home, he got ideas from online videos. He realized many people needed help with DIY projects, so he made his own videos.

Alex wants to help people understand DIY projects so they feel confident doing them.

“At first, it seems hard,” says Alex. “But if you take it step by step, you can do it!”

DIY Projects

Most homes need some fixing up. If you want to make your home better, here are some projects to try:

“Every project I’ve done was about making our dream home,” says Alex. If you have a dream home in mind, here are some projects you can do:


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