Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Responds to Criticism of Her Appearance

Recently, the premiere of the film “The Hunger Games: Ballad of Snakes and Singing Birds” took place, during which not only the stars of the film but also celebrities appeared on the red carpet. Among the guests was the model Adriana Lima. Many social media users were surprised by her appearance and criticized her on social media, accusing her of excessive use of beauty injections and plastic surgeries. Some believe that the star changed the shape of her eyes, and the procedure did not go well.

Adriana Lima decided to respond to the criticism in her personal blog and posted a photo without makeup. She noted that her appearance is related to her lifestyle and motherly duties:

“This is the face of a tired mother of a teenage girl, two preschool-age children, one active one-year-old boy who is learning to walk, and three dogs… Thank you for your concern.”

Recall that last year, the 42-year-old model became a mother for the third time. She and her husband welcomed a son named Cian. During pregnancy, Adriana Lima actively attended social events, and shortly after giving birth, she walked the runway at fashion brand shows.

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