Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Caught in Steamy Kisses During Shopping Spree

A 54-year-old singer went shopping with her 51-year-old husband. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to go shopping together with their mothers.

The actor and his wife ventured into a clothing boutique in West Hollywood. J.Lo tied her hair into a ponytail and wore minimal makeup. The singer put together a stylish look, donning a leopard coat and black skinny jeans. The outfit accentuated the star’s precise figure and slender waist. In her hands, she carried a classic black Hermès Birkin bag. Ben appeared in a cozy black coat with a gray sweater and matching jeans. The actor completed his look with black and white Nike sneakers.

The couple was choosing Christmas gifts. At some point, Affleck took out his phone and started texting someone, which didn’t sit well with his wife. The star of the movie “Striptease” began passionately kissing her husband, not caring about the onlookers in the boutique or the presence of their mothers—Guadalupe Rodriguez (the actress’s mother) and Christopher Anne Boldt (the director’s mother).

Discussion about the couple’s new public appearance immediately started online. Comments like “The only way to distract a husband from the phone,” “It’s cool when a family shopping trip turns out so warm and genuinely family-oriented,” and “Nice to see them happy and kissing!” flooded social media.

Many pointed out that Ben didn’t look happy. Users noted that during outings with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, he always had a smile on his face.

Jennifer Lopez openly shared her experience of the breakup with Ben Affleck and the canceled wedding. The singer emphasized that they both went through a tough time back then.

The artist stated that she has no intention of leaving the stage. She reassured everyone that she plans to remain sexy until the age of 90.

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