“Family Reunion Deferred”: Britney Spears Misses Christmas Holidays with Mother

In early December, Britney Spears’ fans rejoiced for the singer as she announced that she had reconciled with her mother. “I’m so glad we can have coffee together after 14 years! And then we’ll go shopping,” Britney shared about their plans.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Spears was planning to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother. However, the singer did not show up at her mother’s place on Christmas itself and has no plans to visit in the near future.

“She is open to communicating with Lynne but wants everything to unfold organically and is not forcing anything,” said a source close to Britney to US Weekly. It is noted that Britney hopes that she and Lynne will eventually become truly close.

By the way, reconciling with her father is not in Spears’ plans. Even when Jamie had his leg amputated in early December, Britney did not react to the event and did not express condolences or words of support.

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