The saddest farewell between a stray dog and his handler

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” – Josh Billing

Canines are considered the favorite pets of people. This refers to all dogs, be that domestic or stray, who live in cruel environments and usually do no know what love is.

This dog Buboy showed everyone how agonizing it is for any of us to realize that the recent visit to our dearest person was actually the last one. Buboy’s favorite human was an exceptionally unique individual. The man that took care of Buboy almost every day was teacher Carmelito Marcelo from Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines.

He sympathized with the dog and regularly gave him some food. They ended up becoming best friends. Although Marcelo couldn’t adopt Buboy, they were great buddies at school. Now everyone sees Buboy wandering around the school looking for his favorite human.

Teacher Carmelito Marcelo passed away of a stroke at the age of 58. The accident left everyone, including his four-legged friend in a complete shock.

For the last 14 days, the poor dog has been visiting the school to meet his friend.

The teacher’s colleagues got worried by the dog’s behavior and decided to take him to the funeral congregation of the teacher. Buboy lay down next to Marcelo’s coffin to express his final appreciation.

Mark Christian Arceo, Marcelo’s colleague, recorded the heartbreaking moment and posted it on the Internet writing: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” – Josh Billings.

“It’s extremely sad and depressing to watch how a dog is getting attached to his caregiver, despite the fact that he’s gone”.

Mabalacat City College staff is now doing everything to help Buboy. They even intend to make the whole school a home for the loyal dog.

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