Dog was drowning in a river: Turned out it was not a dog

Good to know there are kind people in the world!

Workers at Sindi Dam, Estonia found an unusual animal, drowning in the frozen river. From he first sight it looked like a dog. The creature needed immediate help.

The workers managed to help the animal and pull it out of the water. The animal was freezing, so the workers wrapped it in a blankets and took it to a vet clinic. On the road, the creature stayed calm, and people were not afraid of its huge size. One of the workers suddenly noticed that the animal’s legs looked strange. He started doubting that the animal they had rescued was a dog. However, its calm nature and behavior assured them that it was a dog. It was lying on its paws very calmly.

The veterinarians didn’t notice anything strange too. The truth was revealed, when a hunter appeared in the clinic. He told that the workers hadn’t rescued a dog, but a real wild wolf. The wolf was quite young – about 1 years old. Fortunately, it didn’t suffer much from the cold. The representatives of the Estonian Association for the Protection of Animals informed, that the passive behavior of the wolf was because of the drop in blood pressure.

Doctors took proper care of the animal. Soon they put on a collar with GPS and released the animal into its original habitat.

The representatives of the organization expressed their gratitude to the workers for rescuing the wolf. Good to know there are kind people in the world.

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