“I Drink to Boost Joy”։ Amy Robach Reveals Reasons for Drinking Despite Breast Cancer Concerns

Amy Robach talks about why she still drinks alcohol, even though it might increase the risk of her breast cancer coming back. She had breast cancer in 2013 and went through surgeries and chemotherapy. In her podcast with T.J. Holmes, they discuss starting “dry January” (not drinking alcohol for the month) but reflect on her alcohol habits.

Amy shares that last year was unusual, and she feels concerned about the amount of alcohol she consumed. Doctors advised her to cut down on alcohol when she was diagnosed with breast cancer because it might affect the chances of the cancer returning, especially for hormone-positive cancers like hers.

She admits there’s no strong proof yet, but she urges people to be cautious. Amy has made changes to her lifestyle to lower the risk, like diet and exercise, but she hasn’t focused on reducing alcohol until now.

When T.J. asks why she didn’t cut down on alcohol earlier, Amy explains she drinks for joy, not to numb pain. She enjoys the extra fun and laughter it brings to life. Despite knowing the potential risks, she likes the boost alcohol gives to her experiences.


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T.J. points out that Amy seems to recognize it may be irrational, and she agrees, acknowledging that fully.

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