“Nudist Colony”: The Carol Burnett Show clip has once again gone viral (video)

One of the originators of the sketch comedy format

This viral scene from The Carol Burnett Show begins at the entrance of a cabin. Roger is helping Carol, his wife, through the door. Carol has already figured out where they were going and has covered her eyes. They are visiting a nudist colony!

It turns out, the husband had promised her a vacation, but instead they they ended up in a business trip to the nudist colony. Roger says he has a meeting with his client Joe here, so they need to stay.

The husband has a serious deal, but Carol doesn’t care about this and wants to leave. Someone knocks at the door. Roger opens the door and notices a man standing there. He welcomes the guest to the colony. After a while, the man leaves.

Roger then returns to Carol and tries to convince her to stay. Then suddenly another knock at the door…

Watch the whole scene in the video below!

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