“Melodic Friendship”: The Unbreakable Bond Between a Man and a Music-Loving Donkey

The man values every moment spent with the curious donkey

The heartwarming story of a man and a donkey named Hazel has demonstrated that music can be enjoyed not only by humans but also by animals. Chris, a music enthusiast and animal lover, frequently visits the sanctuary where Hazel resides, and their shared love for music has forged a special bond between them.

Whenever Chris plays his acoustic guitar, Hazel presses herself against him, demonstrating her affinity for the music. When Chris is ready to leave, Hazel follows him to his car and even sheds tears as he departs. Chris is deeply moved by Hazel’s emotional response to his music and recognizes its significance to her.

Hazel has been living at the sanctuary since 2001, and Chris began playing guitar for the donkeys there. While other donkeys do not seem particularly interested in the music, Hazel is drawn to it and becomes jealous when others come too close to Chris.

However, Chris has also discovered other fascinating aspects of Hazel’s personality beyond her musical inclinations. He is amazed by her curiosity and her ability to open doors and find food whenever she wants.

Despite their different species, Chris and Hazel have formed a miraculous connection that brings joy to both of them. Chris treasures every moment spent with Hazel and the love they share.

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