“Queen Elizabeth’s Final Letters”: A Peek into Her Last Moments and Unfinished Business

Before Queen Elizabeth passed away, she wrote two special letters—one for her son, King Charles, and another for her top aide.

After the Queen’s death on September 8, 2022, the senior staff at Balmoral Castle, including her private secretary Sir Edward Young, were planning the upcoming days. A footman brought them the Queen’s red box, which contains daily papers from ministers across the U.K. and sometimes documents from representatives worldwide.

The last red box the Queen had received before her death was handed over. It had two keys, one for the Queen and the other for her private secretary. Inside, Young discovered a sealed letter for Prince Charles and a private letter for himself.

We may never know the contents of these letters, but it’s clear the Queen was aware of her impending end and had made plans. These letters might have been final instructions or farewells, or maybe both. Queen Elizabeth II was wrapping up her last unfinished tasks.

The Queen also left behind her list of candidates for the Order of Merit, her final royal duty. She took this responsibility seriously, reviewing notes and making her choices two days before her passing. The completed document was handed to Sir Edward for necessary arrangements. This was the last document handled by Queen Elizabeth II. Even on her deathbed, she had work to finish, and she did it.

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