Exclusive Peek into Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Family Life as She Gears Up for Album Release: He’s Her Top Supporter

Jennifer Lopez is doing really well, and her husband Ben Affleck is very proud of her.

Before Jennifer’s ninth album comes out on February 16, the 54-year-old superstar is enjoying being married. A source says Jennifer is also happy to have the freedom to be creative.

“It’s been a great time to focus on making a new album. She loves creating new music, and she’s very excited about it,” the source says.

The source adds, “Ben is proud of her. He’s her biggest fan. He loves how hardworking and focused she is.”

During the holidays, Jennifer and Ben, who got back together in 2021 and got married in July 2022, spent quality time with their family. The source says they had a great Christmas together, and their family is getting along well.

“Their family life is great too,” they tell PEOPLE. “The kids are all friends. They get along really well.”

In early January, Jennifer released her single “Can’t Get Enough” and the music video ahead of her upcoming album, This is Me… Now. She mentioned in a YouTube Live that she loves the song because it’s upbeat and has a special connection to Ben.

“When we first heard this song, everyone just knew that this was the one to launch This Is Me… Now,” she said. “It has an energy, it has a happiness to it, and you feel it all.”

When Jennifer needed advice for the music video, she turned to Ben.

“Not that he’s ever really made videos or anything like that, but I just trust his opinion and his ideas,” she explained. “Nobody kind of knows my story or me more than he does. I really feel like he gets me and he understands me, obviously.”

Jennifer told her fans during the YouTube live stream, “All of you have been following my journey, and I think you’ve seen me. What I wanted to tell everybody with the album… is true love actually exists.”

Fans can pre-save Jennifer’s album, This is Me… Now, before its release on February 16.

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