Margot Robbie – one of the hottest women in the world

She looks like a Greek goddess in this dress!

The stunning appearance of 32-year-old Margot Robbie at the Governors Awards Ceremony presentation left no one indifferent.

Her green dress designed in Greek style perfectly emphasized the beautiful waist and figure. Robbie had complemented her outstanding outfit with elegant bracelets and delicate makeup. Many of her fans claimed that the green color suited the actress perfectly. She is one of the most attractive and stunning women in Hollywood.

Margot’s husband, Tom Ackerley, accompanied the actress. Everyone was speechless seeing the absolutely beautiful couple.

“The most beautiful actress on Earth!”, “What a fashion icon!”, “Margot looks like an ancient Greek goddess in her glory, power and elegance!”, “The best outfit!”.

By the way, Margot Robbie was named one of the hottest women on the planet according to Men’s magazine.

What do you think about this outfit of the actress and her appearance in general?

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