“Dog changed his life for the better”: Lonely foal made friends with the farm’s dogs

Mother horse never let him play with the other animals

Troll is a little horse foal born in an animal sanctuary. He had an overprotective mother, who doesn’t let him play with any other animal at the sanctuary. However, thanks to the farm dogs, his life has changed a lot.

The mother horse never let the other animals in the farm get near to her foal. Then the mother horse left little Troll alone and there was no one to console him. He didn’t have friends to play with.

Every day he went out to communicate with someone, but ended up with no results. It was a sad scene for the owner and the staff of the sanctuary.

Luckily, there were some golden retrievers and sheepdogs living in the horse ranch.

Little Troll was a little shy when he first met the dogs. But eventually, the foal got used to the dogs and became their friend.

Since his mother was no longer there, the other horses also realized they could now approach Troll and communicate with him. Over time, he managed to get closer to the dogs and his other relatives.

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