Sweet reunion of Gorillas after three years

They were really happy to see each other

These two silverback gorillas finally reunited after three years in Safari Park of Longleat in Wiltshire, England. 9-year-old Alf and 13-year-old Kesho had been close friends, until one day Kesho was transferred to the London zoo.

After 3 years they finally reunited and! They were so happy that couldn’t stop hugging and playing with each other like children. Zoo employees didn’t want to miss the chance and captured the sweet moment in camera.

Mark Tye, one of the caretakers in Longleat, told that the two gorillas immediately remembered each other, as if they had never been separated.

Everyone would be happy to meet some of their close friends after long years of separation. The video telling the story of these friends very quickly went viral on the Internet.

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