Surprising facts you didn’t know about Alain Delon

It is total love, love track, love without thinking, pure and true love! – Alain Delon.

In his youth, Alain Delon used to wear military jackets, so that it was more comfortable to warm stray dogs he met on his way. Today, this French actor is 81 and owns 5 animal shelters for homeless dogs and cats.

“There are always many dogs living in my house. I have even bred a special breed on my own. Dogs remind me of sick children to whom life has given ten or fourteen years…”

Delon has been living in Switzerland for a long time now and works with dogs there. One day he learned that some sadists poured gasoline on a dog in the Pyrenees and set it on fire. He then sent his veterinarian to help the dog and even sued the sadists. For the first time in judicial practice, the judge ordered the victim – a dog named Mambo – to be present in the courtroom. Alain Delon is even trying to get the dogs to have their own lawyers. By the way, the sadists were sentenced to really long terms.

Alain Delon’s love for dogs comes from childhood. He says, his first dog was a Dobermann named Gala. “One day I shouted at her and even slapped her back. She sat down looking at me. I noticed that she was crying. I learned a lesson then, and now my dogs are always smiling”.

“I’m always touched by dogs that are next to homeless people on the streets. They don’t even care that their owner is homeless. They love the person as their father, just as Mitterrand’s Labrador loves his owner and without even knowing he used to be a president.

You think my dogs know I’m Alain Delon? They don’t care! My dogs love me, they have no idea who I am and what I do. It is total love, love track, love without thinking, pure and true love!”

Alain Delon is a member of the Society for the Protection of Animals. There are 8 dogs living on his estate. The cemetery of all his deceased dogs is also located there: 45 of them. In the middle of this dog necropolis he has built a chapel. And after numerous appeals he finally got an official permission to be buried there when the day comes. He claims that this is the ultimate luxury.

However, Alain Delon cares not only about dying animals. Those alive, that suffer a lot and are often mistreated worry him the most. Both he and his girl-friend Brigitte Bardot are ready to use all means to protect them!

One day Alain Delon called a helicopter to save a cat. Someone had torn its paw and tied it to a car. Now the three-legged kitten lives on his estate. As well as the three-legged rabbit.

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